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  • Fascinating, if somewhat unrealistic utopia for most of us. 30 day break from one or more pieces of optional technologies… Well, to start with, I’m not entirely sure that I own any ‘optional’ technology items (except for perhaps our coffee machine – but I would rather jump off a very tall building

  • So, yes, it is a very pretty landing page. Christian got so frustrated with Microsoft after they bought Wunderlist and proceeded to dump most of it’s cool features in favour of their own Microsoft To-Do platform, that he’s gone off and made yet ANOTHER task management system. Christian, what the wor

  • An urgent warning to all those out there running WordPress websites. We have noticed a significant increase in attack attempts over the last few days on client sites. If you are not using a security plugin like WordFence, go and set one up right now!

    Our Threat Intelligence Team has been